My 3 Subs A Soccer Odyssey

From the pitch to the Center Circle Studio Tim Van Horn goes studs up into soccer world. News from leagues around the world, injury & transfer news, and guests so compelling you’ll be begging for added time!

This is My 3 Subs Podcast, A Soccer odyssey, with your manager, Tim Van Horn

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Bo (Melson) Knows Soccer

Bo (Melson) knows soccer.   Brodee Scott and Tim Van Horn sit down for a chat with Memphis’ first African-American professional soccer player. A graduate of

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Slowly But (Un)Surely

In world soccer news…The Bundesliga rolls on with a massive match this week.  Borussia Dortmund & Bayern Munich tangle as we record this episode.  A

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Rogues Goalkeeper John Houska

Memphis Rogues Goalkeeper John Houska joins Tim Van Horn for a chat about his soccer career. Although the Rogues spent just three North American Soccer

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The Newska Before Houska

Still no matches at this time, but the world soccer news is far from dull. It was announced in England on Monday that the government

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