Christie Pearce Rampone Discusses Her New Book
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Christie Pearce Rampone Discusses Her New Book

It is a massive honor to be joined by one of America's all-time soccer greats as Christie Pearce Rampone discusses her new book Be All In (Raising Kids for Success in Sports and Life).  Rampone has teamed up with Sports Neuropsychologist & Brain Health Expert Dr. Kristine Keane to offer science with experience and common sense.

Winner of two FIFA Women's World Cups (1999 & 2015) & three Olympic Gold Medals (2004, 2008 & 2012) with the United States Women's National Team, Rampone is also known as a successful coach, FOX Sports Soccer Analyst, and proud parent.

Christie talks with Tim Van Horn about why she chose to write this book and in which ways she hopes parents can positively impact the lives of their children. 

(Photo Credit: Rylie Rampone)

In other soccer news...

The European Champions have been crowned. There wasn't much of a buildup, but we now know the winners of the Champions League & Europa League.

Greece is the word for one Manchester United star.  One player's holiday turned into becoming a "guest of the State."

It was a close call for Memphis 901 FC, nearly grabbing three points on the road against USL Championship Group G leaders Birmingham Legion.  Brodee and Tim break down a bit of the game & look forward to the next round of matches.

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