Tim Van Horn and Brodee Scott recently wrapped up watching the Netflix Series Sunderland Til I Die.  

The series’ original aim was to follow the just-relegated club in its attempt to return to the Premier League.  Although Sunderland have had past glory, we now see them fighting for stability on the pitch and the balance sheet.  Brodee and Tim discuss the show beyond the wins and losses.  Despite the revolving door in the manager’s office and board room Sunderland maintain an admirable fan base.  Despite the club’s lean times, the guys also discuss why it might be easy to cheer for the Black Cats.  Sunderland Til I Die is a must watch for soccer fans.

There was some other news occurring around the soccer world.  The Bundesliga has announced they want to restart play as early as May 9th, behind closed doors if necessary.  Tim, who took German in high school and college, believes this is called “Geisterspiele.” As you’d expect, there was a strong reaction one way or the other from fans.  

One faction of opposition dislikes the concept of empty stadium matches.  Others feel the medical & safety personnel needed on match day could be used better elsewhere.

Some of those in favor of an early May restart crave a sense of normalcy.  Also, Kicker magazine estimates 13 of the 36 clubs in the top 2 divisions would become insolvent if the season does not restart.  This would be an economic blow for several communities.

In other news,  ESPN’s soccer website reports that La Liga is helping in the search for a coronavirus solution.  The league has a supercomputer that is usually dedicated solely to fighting online piracy of league matches.  Tim and Brodee discuss how powerful this computer is and how it’s now helping scientists.

On the home front, the US Soccer Development Academy has ceased operations. Major League, within minutes of this news, announced its own elite competition for youth academies.  

Tim reached out to the USL to get their take on last week’s news.  He shares the response he got on this week’s episode, including details about their own academy.

Speaking of the USL, Las Vegas Lights defender Ramon Martin Del Campo and his wife have added to the family roster.  Congratulations on the birth of their daughter, Carlie!

Have a great week.  Stay safe!  For more news and great interviews, head to our homepage.

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