On Monday Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland issued a “Safer At Home” order.  The order is effective Tuesday, March 24.   At this time, it is effective until midnight April 7, 2020. He chats with Tim Van Horn about that order in this special episode.

The order, according to the city’s website, is aimed at  “directing all residents of Memphis to stay inside their homes, and immediately limit all movement outside of their homes beyond what is absolutely necessary to take care of essential needs.”  Most surrounding municipalities implemented similar measures.  

Mayor Strickland provides insight into the current situation in the city and why he feels the order was necessary.  Strickland told Tim that he speaks with the Health Department daily to monitor the spread of the virus.  He talked about how the dynamic changed with the occurrence of “community spread” and the likely reasons for the increased number of infections locally.  

Acknowledging what is a difficult situation for everyone, Strickland expressed empathy for those negatively impacted by the order.  He also talked about the decision making process and the advice he received from the medical community.  He gave several local and national examples of the medical professionals and organizations.  
Mayor Strickland reviewed some of the activities residents are able to do during this stay-at-home period.  He encouraged everyone to use the city’s special COVID-19 website for complete details on the order and additional information about the virus.

Thanks to Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland for the opportunity to discuss this extremely important topic. 

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