Memphis 901 FC Head Coach Tim Mulqueen joins Tim Van Horn and Brodee Scott.

Pandemic Halts Season
Soccer leagues around the world have suspended their seasons due to the Coronavirus.  The USL Championship, where Memphis 901 FC plays, is among those halting play in hopes of limiting infections.  Currently, play is suspended through May 10.  In keeping with accepted best practices, Coach Mulqueen joins the podcast by phone.
Coach, also known as “Mulch”, tells the guys that it’s a very busy time for the club.  Although there are no matches at the moment, Mulqueen discusses how this is not a vacation time for the players.  He describes how his staff are helping players be prepared for whenever the next match comes.

Nevertheless, Mulch To Discuss
Although there was just one regular season match before the stoppage, there was plenty to discuss.  The preseason seemed uneventful, because much of it was conducted out of ton.  Mulqueen reveals it was far from routine.  He shares his opinion on training on the Gulf Coast and how the team developed on and away from the pitch.  Many thought that the change of venue was the biggest story of the preseason.  Days before the season opener however, we all learned a certain legend at the club and national level would be the starting goalkeeper.  Coach Mulqueen discusses how the club “hid” Tim Howard in the preseason.

Confidence Well-Based
In the offseason Howard, fellow owner Craig Unger and Coach Tim Mulqueen were confident the 2020 squad would become playoff contenders.  The opening (and so far ONLY) match of the season proved their faith to be well placed.  Memphis 901 FC played Eastern Conference finalist Indy Eleven.  Mulqueen talks about the match.  He shares his opinion of the team’s performance, and what he told his team after the match.  He even tells Tim and Brodee what opposing coach Martin Rennie said in the post-match handshake.

A big thanks to Memphis 901 FC Head Coach Tim Mulqueen for taking time to share his thoughts during this unprecedented time. 

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