Despite a lack of strike, lockout, or war, the reality of play stoppage is hard to believe.  

Tim Van Horn and Brodee Scott discuss the timeline of the buildup to this historic event as Coronavirus has league play stopped in an abundance of caution.  Positive virus test results have directly impacted some teams, causing the rest of the league to close up shop.  Still other leagues were forced to close by government mandate.  Regardless of the reason, soccer has come to a virtual halt.  First overseas.  Then MLS and USL.

While many leagues are projecting a 30 day suspension of play, the return date is far from a guarantee. What is guaranteed is more My 3 Subs action! 

Brodee sits down with Seamus Loftus, owner of the Brass Door in Memphis, and discusses how the shutdown has affected him and his business and where they see this leaving the great sport.

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