The Coronavirus shuts down soccer and many other sporting events.  Leagues around the world have decided to suspend (or completely cease) their seasons.

It has been a mixed bag of methodology.  Some leagues have stopped play in an abundance of caution.  Positive virus test results have directly impacted some teams, causing the rest of the league to close up shop.  Still other leagues were forced to close by government mandate.  Regardless of the reason, soccer has come to a virtual halt.  First overseas.  Then MLS and USL.

Despite a lack of strike, lockout, or war, the reality of play stoppage is hard to believe.  Tim Van Horn and Brodee Scott discuss the timeline of the buildup to this historic event.  

While many leagues are projecting a 30 day suspension of play, the return date is far from a guarantee.  Players, coaches, match officials, staff, and fans are the most obviously impacted.  The grass grows while the game does not.  

Beyond the pitch and the stands, there are others who are hit hard by this stoppage of play.  The numerous hourly workers who help make or enhance our match day experience are losing out on income opportunities.  The concession and beer vendors, ushers, team store employees, and security crew are among those feeling the economic impact of closed stadiums.  Many count on the seasonal income a soccer (or any sports team) provides a city.

Another group hit hard by stoppage of play sits in the broadcast booth.  Although there are some play-by-play announcers and color analysts on salary with their respective teams, the majority of sports broadcasters are contract labor.  No game, no pay.  With so many sports shut, the current options for work are next to nothing. 
In the unique position of having worked as a play-by-play and color broadcaster, Tim shares the depth of his respect and sympathy for the ones who “paint the picture” for us all.

In addition to any health risk, the Coronavirus shuts down soccer and income streams for those working to make our match experience more enjoyable.

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