Broadcaster Mike Watts talks soccer in the second half of My 3 Subs A Soccer Odyssey.  Mike proudly enters his fifth season of delivering play by play for USL telecasts.  He can often be seen on the league’s  Match of the Week, televised on the ESPN Networks.

Not only is he a veteran of USL telecasts, he also works the broadcasts of the CONCACAF Champions League, the NCAA, and even the National Football League.  Times have changed, and so has sports broadcasting.  The birth and growth of streaming broadcasts provides viewers with more hours of sports programming than ever.  Mike is a great example of how to successfully build a career in today’s digital environment.  Drawing on his years of experience in various sports, Watts’ broadcasting resume’ is impressively diverse.  For instance, at the age of 27, he  has already called some great sports moments at the high school , collegiate and professional levels.  He attributes the opportunities to a willingness to improve and a little bit of luck.

Tim Van Horn and Brodee Scott talk to Mike about his beginnings in the industry.  Mike shares how it all began with a video recorder and that willingness to learn.  

Because his broadcast talent is in demand, there is no “typical” week for Mike Watts.  Mike shares with Tim and Brodee what he will be doing the week of this episode.  As part of his preparation, it is safe to say that he will be spending significant time studying several rosters of various sports.  Before his schedule gets ramped up, we get the inside scoop on Mike’s very busy calendar.

In his fifth season, Mike has seen significant growth of the USL.  He talks about the structure and the growth of this robust organization.

Broadcaster Mike Watts talks soccer in the second half of My 3 Subs A Soccer Odyssey.  We look forward to sharing his story with you!

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