Memphis Rogues NASL Soccer History 101 takes us back to 1978 with stories from original Rogues staff Rudi Schiffer, Bob Brame, and Hal Downing.  

They take us back to the pitch and the parties, both equally important.  As a result, this team lived up to its naughty name.  Special cookies, missing beer, and making bail were all par for the course.  While they might not have won all the matches, they did win the post-match parties!  Click on this week’s second half to get a special glimpse into the origins of Memphis professional soccer!

Rudi Schiffer started in marketing, but he ended up doing so much more.  Schiffer was the heartbeat of a club that endured multiple owners and three losing seasons.  His move from another profession soccer club paved a smoother beginning in a city that was new to the sport.

Although he had never seen a soccer match, Bob Brame was one of the original radio broadcasters.  Brame talks about some big matches and how his play-by-play partner once left the press box in the middle of a match and never came back!  Bob was the entertaining eyes and ears of Memphis Rogues soccer.

Hal Downing worked in Ticket Sales and establishing the original Booster Club.  Downing was the figurative hands and feet of the club.  Not only did he arrange Booster Club events, he also developed and facilitated youth soccer clinics around the city.

Many people got their first taste of professional soccer in the Memphis, Tennessee and Mid-South area thanks to the work of this week’s three guests.  

This week’s second half features the wild, make it work on a shoestring budget club that called Memphis home.  We call it Memphis Rogues NASL Soccer History 101 with  Rudi Schiffer, Bob Brame, and Hal Downing on My 3 Subs. 

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