San Jose Earthquakes Legend Richard Mulrooney Talks Playing and Coaching in the 2nd half of My 3 Subs.  Like much of family, Mulrooney fell in love with the game of soccer.  For him it was at a young age.  Brodee Scott and Tim Van Horn talk to Richard about his childhood heroes and how his love for the game grew in Memphis, Tennessee.  Mulrooney talks about which other sports he played, and how he had to set priorities in order to give his best to each.  

Success in high school and club soccer was followed by a terrific collegiate career. 
Some might think an injury would make college selection more complicated, but it was the opposite for Richard Mulrooney.  The Creighton University alum explains why becoming a Blue Jay was the right choice for him.  

Richard Mulrooney chose Creighton. Then San Jose chose Richard Mulrooney.  He talks about the Major League Soccer Draft and becoming a professional player.  He enjoyed great success in San Jose.  Numerous team and individual honors rolled in.  When things seemed to be going great, they got even better.  Mulrooney earned his first cap with the national team.  Brodee and Tim talk with him about being part of a squad that was poised for a successful stretch of international play.

Richard’s play garnered him continued respect, despite a moves to other clubs and an injury.   He earned Comeback Player of the Year while at FC Dallas and helped Houston win an MLS Cup.  Mulrooney was recently honored in San Jose.  He was inducted into the Earthquakes Hall of Fame.

Richard Mulrooney talks about the transition from Champion and All-Star to Head Coach.  He has been at the helm of the University of Memphis Men’s Soccer team for six seasons.  After narrowly missing the NCAA tournament, Mulrooney is determined to lead his team there in 2020.  

It was an enjoyable visit with San Jose Earthquakes Legend Richard Mulrooney.
(Photo: San Jose Earthquakes)

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