The Grumpy Ref discusses FIFA Law changes for 2020 soccer season, but first, Brodee Scott and Tim Van Horn take you through the soccer world.  Recent results have people talking.  In England, the focus has been on the 4th Round of the FA Cup. The Manchesters (yes, the red side of the city, too) were in high gear, easily dispensing away lower league opponents. Of course, it was an absolute cake walk for English Premier League leaders Liverpool, right?  Well, not so fast! Some shrewd moves by Shrewsbury Town has become a pebble in Scouser shoes!

The sports world lost a basketball superstar, who was also a massive soccer fan, in a tragic weekend accident.  Brodee and Tim talk about Kobe Bryant the soccer fan.  Why was he a fan? When did he become a fan? Which team did he support?  Bryant was friend of the soccer world who will be missed.

There was plenty of league action around the globe, and it’s becoming evident that a few teams are looking to assert dominance at the top of their respective tables.  On the other hand, red flags are going up at some clubs as they have already begun a fight to avoid a draining relegation battle.

The US Women’s National Team start their Olympic Qualifying campaign this week, and for some it will be their last chance for one more championship before retirement.

Staying on the domestic front, Major League Soccer, the USL & other leagues are in preseason camp preparing for the 2020 season.  The guys will an updates on the big news of the week.

The Transfer Window only has a sliver open, closing in a few days.  Some clubs are scrambling for a difference maker in a title chase, while other just need help to survive.  Brodee and Tim will also review who needs more than a bag of ice in this episode’s Injury Report.

Coming up, The Grumpy Ref discusses FIFA Law changes for 2020 Soccer Season. He’s coming up in the second half of My 3 Subs.

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